Friday, October 1, 2010

SH048 - You Tonight

video: Moonlight Lady
music: The Dreamside - "Mirror Moon"
link: depositfiles [45.2 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: August 2002

This was the third (and so far, last) SH video built exclusively out of H source -- not the fourth, I had the original North American release of Kite for SH012 -- and the only one that bare tits ended up in. So yes, caution and this is FSK16, but if you haven't seen much more than this by age 16 in this depraved modern world, you a) don't have the internet and b) aren't trying too hard.

More relevant is that this is the first video I was able to use MEIMI effects in; similar bizarre video transforms would show up most notably in SH052, SH066, and SH083. I'm not even sure that this program can run under my current system.

This was also, I think, the trigger to start cutting stuff in VDub, since I was doing cleanup there before feeding the video out anyway. That led immediately to SH049, which got things a little more concrete.

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