Friday, October 8, 2010

SH051 - dead worlds

video: Hoshi no Koe
music: Nevermore - "Dead Heart In A Dead World" (intro)
link: depositfiles [16.7 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: September 2002

One depressive Nevermore video follows another due to fast action; I saw the anime for this at MITAC a week or so earlier, borrowed the disc in question from the club library, and set the process up ASAP. With a short musical selection (being, mostly, the riff that Jim wrote on his four-track at some point to set up the song, which ended up being constructed in as an intro), I could make this work by hiding the MPEG2 render behind the wall of sleep (i.e., run it overnight and pick up clipping when I got home from work the next day), but it was still suboptimal as a process.

Despite the fact that a lot of SH videos have a life cycle of months to years, going into the production queue, getting vetted, and going into production after the videos ahead of them finish or get cancelled, I like normal AMVers do work on a scratch-the-itch basis, and if a good idea comes in, it should be turned around into a video as soon as practical. This was the impetus behind this video, and it's also the impetus behind a lot of what I do to speed up my process and reduce time committed. If the latency between start of work and finished idea is reduced, projects get done faster, and spur-of-the-moment projects can get picked up and finished without overly delaying long-scheduled stuff.

If the images on this one and SH050 suck less than the older posts, this means the remaster worked. Older images were done for the antediluvian SH website in like 2005, based on the old versions; these are screencaps from the current versions of the videos in question scaled at 60%.

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