Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SH060 - The Man From Gomu-Gomu

video: One Piece
music: Gamma Ray - "Lonesome Stranger"
link: depositfiles [50.1 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar, SSMM
production date: November 2002

All the compositing in this video -- the lipsynch in the intro, and the flickering titles at the start -- was done manually with something called Slide Show Movie Maker, which accomplished with a difficult third-party utility what Adobe does natively with the Filmstrip thingy (at least as I've heard). The point was not to deliberately do things the hard way, just to demonstrate that even with the toolbox that I was restricted to in this environment, I wasn't absolutely precluded from doing stuff like this. It was probably more difficult than it needed to be, but it's still a good experience to get in the frame of mind where you're consciously thinking "what do I need to do in order to get from source sequence X to final sequence Y" rather than just "can I do most of what I want with transform Z". The stuff I did post-SH093 makes a strong case that a lot of these alleged lessons went out the window when I finally got ahold of an environment capable of doing more sophisticated effects, but they were still valuable at the time.

Sepiatoning the entire video (exclusive of the intro) was a production-style decision, but it had some knock-on effects in terms of workload. The source I had was in large measure rainbowed all to fuck, but knocking out the chroma channel and replacing it with one that was all brown had the effect of knocking out the rainbows, so I didn't need to do any special derainbowing. Those who have attempted to clean up, say, Pioneer's Trigun DVD print in Virtual Dub using Tim's smart derainbower know how much faster clipping can be if you don't need to have that filter in the chain, especially at the run-over-the-footage-with-a-truck levels necessary to get the rainbows out at that level of damage.

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