Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SH012 - Give It Up

video: Kite
music: Blame It On Luke - "Cheese Is Safer Than Guns"
link: depositfiles [29.3 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: August 2001

So here we go back to crappy 320x240 and MPEG1, at least for another six videos. My capture card briefly died after eating a less-than-optimally-shielded lightning strike in August of '01, so I was restricted to old source (explains SH013, up next), other people's rips (this one), and a combination of the two (explains demo 1), and as a side effect of this, the old screensize. I did get it back working again once I got back to school, but that's a tale for SH018 when that one comes around.

This was a first not only in using someone else's source collection, but also the first time I used a local band (at least from my area, Chastisement weren't signed either when I did SH003). This continued sporadically later, to the point where another four SH videos ended up getting made with tracks off demos from bands or artists located north of Boston. Amazingly, despite this band being broken up since about 2001, when the members graduated high school, their Angelfire page (linked above) is still active, even though it's pretty much content-free at this point, their MP3 hosting having gone under.

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