Friday, October 1, 2010

SH046 - Try Again

video: Azumanga Daioh
music: Sinergy - "Gallowmere" (remix)
link: depositfiles [29.5 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: August 2002

I had done audio manipulation previously, most recently in BAS17, but this was the first video where I was actively chopping and cutting, stretching and pulling, in order to develop as much a sound as a visual collage. It was around this time that I was recording the only Coelem material that's actually been released, which was my first experience with actual production and post-production, audio-wise; the earlier Coelem demos (Vexilla regis prodeunt infernii (2000), and Tendrils of Burnt Flesh Ensnare the Feeble-Willed (recorded 2001, never actually released)) were just recorded, the technology not really allowing me to do anything except make sure that the take was good, then dump that one to tape from the master. For Tenebral Presence, I was recording not only digitally, but in a digital context that I could do something useful with in post....which I did, resulting in the B side to the single and in the audio setup for this video.

I may still have the interstitials that were supposed to go between the "takes", but I'm not sure if I kept them or not. Either way, I didn't decide to put them together when I did the remaster, and this video is thus going to probably remain non-fully-reassembled-as desired -- the version that it's been existing in for the last 8+ years is good enough.

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