Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SH056 - LinkinBread K

video: Kogepan (plus other crap in the intro)
music: Linkin Park - "Cure For The Itch"
link: depositfiles [31.5 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: October 2002

This is the SH video that comes closest, even now, to what normal people might define as a mash-up or pure Video Art. As such, it's desperately out of character, but it's a reminder at least to myself that even with the incredibly blunt instruments I had at my disposal at the time, I could still do something like this. I'm pretty sure that I didn't have any illusions about editing professionally even before this one -- I was having a hard enough time finding someone to pay me for what I was actually trained and qualified to do -- but despite liking the process and the end product, this video really cemented that I wasn't going to be running about with a video potato masher in the future, looking for disparate things to smash together. The only even indirect successor of this video is SH096, and only for the extensive audio and video editing on both sides -- and that one's a hell of a lot more "in character" than this.

As noted, there are a bunch of other sources used in the intro, which are documented in the end card. End card or no end card, I can't give doki enough credit, hence the link in the actual writeup.

There is an Animax logo in the video that is not attested to in the pic above. This is because it looks like garbage, and I can remove logos in still frames, but could not in my editing environment when this video was put out. Actually, I still can't even now, and I view this as a good thing, because it keeps me motivated to buy stuff I want to work with when it comes out commercially.

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