Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sevastopol rough cut

video: Tae Guk Gi
music: Heaven Shall Burn - "Sevastopol"
link: mediafire [4.4 MB]

This is a rough cut of the first 21 seconds of a video I've been not working on for the past three months, since it was too hot to do anything. I only had the first vob cut -- there are like 6 more left, including nearly all of the content that will go in the bulk of the video -- but after such a long layoff I had to do something to assure myself that I even knew how to do this shit. Hence, this cut.

The final video is probably not going to look a lot like this, composition-wise, but the trigger behavior is probably pretty close. I may play around with the color, but in the final analysis I don't know what to do with blastbeats, especially on such a violent source and directly aggressive music, except trigger them, and it mostly works. If this was going into an actual cut, I'd've fixed some points up, but even as it is, it works ok, which is what I was trying to convince myself of.

Note: there are 8 triggered sections in these 20 seconds; compare to 28 triggers in 150 or so seconds on SH112. Granted, some of those triggered sections run on for five and ten seconds at a time, but the point remains.