Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SH061 - ormgard II: eng

video: Witch Hunter Robin
music: Skyclad - "Land Of The Rising Slum"
link: depositfiles [59.7 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: December 2002

Even in the remastered version, this song doesn't really sound that good; part of this is thematic -- you want a damaged, restricted, weak song for something like this -- and part of it is that this song as presented doesn't really exist.

I ordered Old Rope to try and get a better version of the song than the one I had off the antediluvian Skyclad site, which was already outdated-looking in 2000 and 2001, mostly because Prince of the Poverty Line was out of print, but unfortunately for purposes of this video, the electrified (normal) version is a lot more aggressive and pumping, which is about the opposite of what this video needs to be. Instead of a decent CD copy, I was left trying to hand-restore the crappy-bitrate mp3 that someone had capped off the Outrageous Fourtunes vinyl EP. I didn't have a turntable at that time, but that scarcely fucking mattered, since Skyclad only put out like 400 copies of the record in question, and in all likelihood around zero of them made it across the Atlantic.

A normal AMVer, one who is looking to say something about the video source by recomposing it to music, would cancel the video or at least look for a different soundtrack. As far as I was looking at it, this wasn't an option; changing out the song would result in a fundamentally different video, likely fundamentally opposed to the one I actually wanted to make, so it was go ahead with the marginally de-braindamaged version or nothing.

As noted back a ways, there was a Nevermore video (using "Next In Line") plotted as a followup to this that burned through the straw too fast and ended up getting cancelled. As not noted yet, I occasionally want to go back to this well with an Atoll Nerat song, but picking up DVD source keeps getting deprioritized relative to other stuff.

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