Friday, October 1, 2010

SH007 - blood to sand

video: Perfect Blue
music: Nevermore - "Narcosynthesis"
link: depositfiles [49.8 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: June 2001

I held this back when I initially got to it (should have gone in between SH006 and SH009) because at that time I still thought I was going to remake the video. However, that turned out not to be possible for several reasons, some technical and some artistic.

The technical reasons are actually more difficult to explain for once. As it turns out, I for whatever excessively stupid reason ended up deleting the clips that were used in the video before saving the source archive. This meant that while I had a cutlist of mark-in points that corresponded to clips in the source pool, it was the markpoints that didn't correspond to existing cuts in the archive that I had that I had to pay attention to. This made source-gathering a ridiculous chore, since I had not only to translate from the VHS-cap-section timing to the ripped-VOB timing, but grout through the source for stuff that I knew should be there but wasn't, but this may have been a blessing in disguise, because it made the artistic issue all the clearer.

This is a decent video for what it is, the seventh SH video, cut out of a bad print and around subs, and assembled linearly. The problem is that its shortcomings are such and in such dimensions that if I were to remake it, the changes needed to accommodate the new cuts would be enough to change the conceptual thrust of the video. SH007/116 would have come out closer to 116, and I had very little desire to do this song/source combo again, nine years later, under the same retarded cutting constraints as the original. This is why the remake didn't get done: under the constraints of the project, it went from something I wanted to do to something I didn't want to do, and if you want a bright line in AMVing, that's as good as any. Nobody is paying you to do this. Do exclusively the things you want to do, and categorically refuse to work on projects you don't actually want to work on.

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