Friday, October 1, 2010

SH049 - Prelude to Apocalypse

video: Blood: The Last Vampire
music: Iced Earth - "Damien" (intro)
link: depositfiles [15.2 MB]
editor: VirtualDub
production date: September 2002

This is still the only video that I've done in VirtualDub. The 9 hours spent in the editor to do a minute and a half of video is probably the most significant contributing factor to this. It's important to learn that just because you can do something doesn't mean you necessarily should; while this was a good proof-of-concept, the adaptive course for doing AMV is not to stick it out in Virtual Dub, but rather to do what I ended up doing two years later and buy a copy of a very good (if fatally flawed, there's a lot of Magix bitching in the versions of these entries out past SH093) non-linear editing environment for $12. This (well, and warez) is how AMV really comes to the masses: not Free tools but good-enough-cheap-enough proprietary tools with lower cost of access. Life is a clay urn on the mantle.

When I got around to doing the remaster, however, I had to remaster it like anything else -- from the TMPEG-built MPEG2. At the time this was done, I didn't have a DVD burner (very few people did, so I wasn't as far behind the curve on this as on many other aspects of AMV technology), so I wasn't really able to archive the original AVI version out of VDub. (Which I think was in HuffYUV, but maybe not, maybe just uncompressed; no way to tell now.) This at least was forced; the idiot decision to render a lot of the stuff between SH093 and SH106 or so as MPEG2 out of Magix was just pure boneheadedness from working in a boneheaded, MPEG2-dependent environment for so long.

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