Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SH058 - One Way Down

video: Animation Runner Kuromi
music: Iced Earth - "Highway To Hell"
link: depositfiles [35.6 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: November 2002

This one is effectively SH037 with less blocking and more interlacing. The fact that I did this essentially twice -- rebranding/misapplying a classic metal song to the frenetic pace of Japanese media creation -- says, I think, more than anything I can rant about here about my own process. I was most productive as a coder, back when I was writing software rather than fixing it or discovering how people were fucking up using it, under deadline pressure and fueled with caffeine and speed metal. If amphetamines were legal, safer, and didn't make your teeth fall out, they probably would have been in the mix as well. So it's not surprising that when AMV production goes under the gun, I subconsciously want to crank Tales From The Twilight World and Burnt Offerings -- and since I'm jamming the song and related material continuously while cutting, to keep myself located in the feel, that projects that synergize with that concept dominate my output.

When I need to get shit done, the soundtrack is screaming guitars and double-kick pedals driven through the floor. Is it any wonder that when I make a video from source about getting shit done, the records that pop off the stack follow the same pattern? See, even Iced Earth covering AC/DC can have psychological implications.

It also needs to be mentioned on this video that the title is skelped from cool former North Shore band One Way Down, who are sadly not active any more.

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