Friday, December 3, 2010

All The Gorram Videos, Seriously

Now that the catalog repost is done, this post is up as an index of every SH and INSO and otherwise video (that actually got published; SH034 and SH090 are obviously still absent). Like other things that there are too many of to really make sense of by straight count, they are arranged by 'era' below for easier browsing. This post will continue to be updated as new videos are completed and posted.

If a link is dead, comment on the post and I'll put it back up EVENTUALLY, I'm no longer editing actively and the new blogger settings make it hard to catch comment notifications.

Shin Hatsubai

Old MPEG1 Stuff
SH001 -- SH002 -- SH003 -- SH004
SH005 -- SH006 -- SH007 -- SH008
SH009 -- SH010 -- SH011 -- SH012
SH013 -- SH014 -- SH015 -- SH016

(Yes, SH011 wasn't technically built this way, but yes, it's still in this section.)

WTF Is This MPEG2 Stuff
SH017 -- SH018 -- SH019 -- SH020
SH021 -- SH022 -- SH023 -- SH024
SH025 -- SH026 -- SH027

I Have Basically No Classes And No Filter
SH028 -- SH029 -- SH030 -- SH031
SH032 -- SH033 -- SH035 -- SH036
SH037 -- SH038 -- SH039 -- SH040
SH041 -- SH042

Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty of .org-Driven Inadequacy
SH043 -- SH044 -- SH045 -- SH046
SH047 -- SH048 -- SH049 -- SH050
SH051 -- SH052 -- SH053 -- SH054
SH055 -- SH056 -- SH057 -- SH058
SH059 -- SH060 -- SH061 -- SH062

The Capture Card's Second, Better, Lease On Life
SH064 -- SH065 -- SH066 -- SH067
SH068 -- SH069 -- SH070 -- SH071
SH072 -- SH073 -- SH074 -- SH075
SH076 -- SH077 -- SH078 -- SH079
SH080 -- SH081 -- SH082 -- SH083

Shit Gets Weird
SH084 -- SH085 -- SH086 -- SH087
SH088 -- SH089 -- SH091 -- SH092

Finally, A Real NLE
SH093 -- SH094 -- SH095 -- SH096
SH097 -- SH098 -- SH099 -- SH100
SH101 -- SH102 -- SH103 -- SH104
SH105 -- SH106 -- SH107 -- SH108

Dead And Well Satisfied
SH110 -- SH111 -- SH112 -- SH113
SH114 -- SH115 -- SH116 -- SH117
SH118 -- SH119 -- SH120 -- SH121

A Cold Wind Through The Graves
SH122 -- SH123 -- SH124 -- SH125
SH126 -- SH127 -- SH128 -- SH129


BAS Demo intros/outros
BAS01 -- BAS05 -- BAS06 -- BAS11
BAS12 -- BAS17

Insomni-Ack Non-AMVs
INSO00 -- INSO01 -- INSO02 -- INSO03
INSO04 -- INSO05 -- INSO06 -- INSO07
INSO09 -- INSO10 -- INSO11 -- INSO12
INSO13 -- INSO14 -- INSO15 -- INSO16
INSO17 -- INSO18 -- INSO19

SH114 - six signs the circle

video: Otogi Zoshi
music: Kreator - "Lucretia (My Reflection)" (cover)
link: depositfiles [30.5 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: February 2010

Though this video has a lot more in common with SH094 than with SH064, it didn't get into Anime Boston while the video sent as an afterthought did. Seven years' distance, same weird behavior. Sure, this video may be a little impenetrable if you're not paying attention, and hard to classify regardless, but that's not quite a reason for the contest to self-trollinate by putting Parasitic on the big screen.

SH113 - fryste

video: Beyond The Clouds
music: The Mountain Goats - "Maybe Sprout Wings"
link: depositfiles [18.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: December 2009

The preview image is supposed to look that fuzzy, if not fuzzier; the point of the effects design in this video was to simulate a cheap camera lens freezing over whenever I could squeeze it in. Maybe at long last this "taste" thing is burrowing into the SH ethos; maybe so, maybe not.

SH112 - Knee Deep In Disease

video: Moyashimon
music: Parasitic Extirpation - "Stabwound Symmetry"
link: depositfiles [49.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: December 2009

This was the first SH HD video. I screwed up a lot of stuff in the preproduction end that made doing Causality a lot easier once it got fixed, so this had a useful development purpose, and also introduced the AMV world to Parasitic Extirpation. Now go buy their stuff, you leech, Casketless is awesome.

SH111 - weiß nix wie ich sagn soll

video: Umi Ga Kikoeru, Only Yesterday
music: Fettes Brot - "Yasmin"
link: depositfiles [50.3 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: October 2009

This video is probably more complex than it needs to be, or than the song can really support, but one way or another kind of works. I feel sorry for people who don't rate the effects design here as especially difficult or intense; this was some pretty heavy lifting, and doing stuff that is substantially harder and more time-consuming is no way to make videos.

SH110 - peloton

video: Nasu: Summer In Andalusia
music: Mad Fret - "Sunflower" (instrumental, edited)
link: depositfiles [40.3 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: November 2008

The huge gulf between SH109 and this is for several reasons. At the time I did SH109, the idea that was slotted into that catalog number the day before -- which got pushed to a notional SH110 -- was a challenging one involving a lot of animation and original footage that proved ultimately too difficult to get off the ground. Also, work was hard and intense in 2007, covering not only the Korea trip where I got the sources for this, but several other outings to various places in the United States; Maine twice including immediately before Korea, once to Dallas in March, and twice to Austin. 5/6 of 2007 was blocked up going here, there and everywhere....and then I got laid off in November and spent the last two months getting a new job and getting my feet under me.

I did do my Conet stuff in '07, but that was under heavy pressure from the admins, and as noted, early in the year. The rest of 2007, and most of 2008 as I adjusted to the new culture and new environment, were no-gos for video and substantially for most of my other hobbies. How things go; as it was, I'll take the tradeoff in order to have been out of work for only six weeks in this recession.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fucking Ideas, How Do They Work?

As part of the continuing delusion that I make AMVs any more, I've completed the first shakeout of my to-do list in almost three years, with some probably uninteresting results.

If everything on the current list gets made and nothing that isn't, I'll finish up with SH130. This is probably going to be about accurate, because though there are four ideas on the list that I have no real idea of the viability of, there are a lot of long cuts on the list that difficulty and plain old inertia will push the finishing of all those ideas out for at least five years in the most likely case, and new ideas are probably going to come in inside that span.

Slightly more interesting is the vintage of the ideas concerned; this breaks out as follows:
2000 - 1
2001 -0
2002 - 1
2003 - 0
2004 - 2
2005 - 1
2006 - 1
2007 - 0
2008 - 1
2009 - 1
2010 - 7

I've been keeping a to-do list since 2000, before I even started making these things, and while most of the current ideas are actually current, there are a few that have been carried along from the very start. This has major implications for the anticipated delay of finishing up: ten of the fifteen ideas on the drawing board, and six of the eight that have been around for more than a year, involve cutting at least 20 episodes or episode-equivalents. Several are a lot longer than that.

This is a graph of current ideas of year X vintage versus videos produced that year. Most of what I've done is based on relatively new ideas; SH110 in 2008 was a 2007 idea, SH111 was a 2008 in 2009, SH112 and 113 were 2009 ideas in '09, SH114 had been around as an idea since '06, and SH115 was a '10 idea and production. If a video idea is doable quickly, it tends to get done quickly; the hard ideas stick around as newer projects get promoted past them, and the crap ideas, like those four that I haven't actually done any checking on may turn out to be, die off and fall out of the list unproduced. This is the hard part of crushing out the ideas that are left and winding up the studio: by taking the path of least resistance, I end up saving the hardest part for last.

The other way of looking at that, though, is that these ideas are, like SH070, not coming into being before their time: that now, at the end of the road, I either have the skills to pull them off correctly or the composure to toss them out as unworkable. At the very least, the future is looking bright musically: those fifteen ideas break out into ten metal, two hardcore, one punk, and only two songs outside that bailiwick. The more I enjoy working with this stuff, the more likely it is that it all gets done.

SH109 - Riot of Violence

video: Muteki Kanban Musume (aka Ramen Fighter Miki)
music: Municipal Waste - "Sweet Attack"
link: depositfiles [22.2 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: November 2006

After this video, Shin Hatsubai effectively ceased to be an active studio. Debatably, the mark-out point was even earlier; this was put together in the space of a couple hours because Con Ja Nai was short on videos for their contest. As can be seen elsewhere, starting in August and more seriously as fall 2006 went on, I was going to a lot of shows, at least one a week, and that was really taking over in terms of time and attention. At the time, this was a decent way to go out.

SH108 - moji

video: Black Heaven
music: Knorkator - "[Buchstabe]" (the actual title is a glyph not recognized by Unicode)
link: depositfiles [42.3 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: September 2006

This is the result of a very simple and very stupid idea: to remake, as close to frame-for-frame or at least shot-for-shot as possible, Knorkator's brilliant official video for this song. This was a lot of work, mostly because matching footage frame for frame is hard, and partly because Black Heaven is poorly animated and has a lot of bad cinematography. I still got most of what I needed and did not much reuse footage more than the band reused setups in the original video.

I'm not putting out a side-by-side due to copyright concerns (and laziness). Do it your own damn self. Or, after you give up because it is a stupid idea with no payoff, watch more Knorkator.

SH107 - lass mich

video: Spirited Away
music: In Extremo - "Die Gier"
link: depositfiles [33.8 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: July 2006

This video is the start of a six-video sequence spanning almost three and a half years in which only one has an intelligible English soundtrack, and half of them are in German. (This one, SH108, and SH111; SH110 is an instrumental and SH112 is in deathsperanto.) It is a decent video, if a little bound by its source and limited by the fact that I'm not very good at masking, and not nearly as pretentious as the .org entry for it, which I keep meaning to rewrite and never do, would imply.

SH106 - As Charged

video: Maria-sama ni wa Naisho
music: Municipal Waste - "Guilty of Being Tight"
link: depositfiles [24.6 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: May 2006

This is the 'good-mix' version of INSO10, using the SD omake because I cut it first to do the bridge in the song and ended up having enough to do the whole thing. The intro is in the song originally as a drop-in; the ultimate source of it is of course Phantasm.

SH105 - a declaration

video: Initial D
music: Bruce Springsteen - "Independence Day"
link: depositfiles [45.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: February 2006

The production date on this is not strictly accurate. I started work on this video in October of 2005, making it the first of a troubling trend of large projects that take way too fucking long. The cut was a nightmare due to how much cleaning I had to do to the source, and then after that editing in itself was tough. I was dealing with weird hours, a tough commute, and increased time demands from other stuff; pretty much how my life has gone since, which is why it feels so familiar: five years later, I'm working on a long cut from a bad Tokyopop print that started in October and won't turn into a video until well into the next year.

This is also the video in which I officially turned old. When you have a young person make a video with Bruce and a show about street racing, it doesn't turn out like this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SH104 - Fucking Rat

video: Pokemon
music: Crazy Frog - "Axel F"
link: depositfiles [33.4 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: September 2005

In Germany you can make AMVs at the grocery store. All source for this video was picked up for less than 30 euros total at the Streisen Kaufland store. This was only part of the motivation for this abortion; the rest of it is based on personal history.

SH103 - still waters fall frozen

video: Lunar Legend Tsukihime
music: Iron Horse - "Unforgiven" (cover, duh)
link: depositfiles [58.2 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: September 2005

There were various things going on when this video was released that made the .org writeup of it sound pretty fucking bleak. I don't think it's that bleak, looking back, but the bleak elements are there definitely as much as the deliberately-inserted multi-level black-humor bits.

Between SH102 and this one I did the AMV Hell bits that were eventually collected into INSO08. However, that one didn't get published here when I was doing the INSO writeups, and it's not going to get published now. That the link on its .org entry is dead is probably for the best; I'm not going to go soliciting requests and will only upload that if someone takes the effort to contact me on their own hook.

While watching this show initially, and again when cutting for this video, I took various stabs at writing a fandub script for something working-titled "Potential Incest Legend Unspellable", in the tradition of Studio Sokodei's works. This is probably never going to turn into anything real or releasable; if anyone wants the ~55-65%-completed script, including a bunch of suggested music and incomprehensible injokes, give me a holler, I've got it lying around somewhere.

SH102 - Sundown in Caesarea - eatdrinkbleedvomit

video: Requiem From The Darkness
music: Morbid Angel - "Where The Slime Live"
link: depositfiles [69.9 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: June 2005

This was mostly an attempt to do an AMV version of the official video, which is super wicked awesome. There are several cuts in this directly inspired/influenced by that videography, though I'm pretty sure they're not in the same places. The bad/weird voice acting at the start and end over the Burzum samples is my own; this was recorded in the Dresden field office wicked late at night because it was only there that I could be sure of a silent environment. My apartment was normally ok, but you don't want to be put in the position of apologizing for dings.

SH101 - hammerpoch

video: Requiem From The Darkness
music: Geinoh Yamashirogumi - "Kaneda"
link: depositfiles [33.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: June 2005

Like SH001, this video is built all out of a single episode (#9 in this series if I recall correctly), and pretty much ends on a gunshot. That's about as far as the similarities go. Doing this as one-ep was not only a constraint on this video, but as it turned out, on SH102; despite using the same title, I didn't want to recut stuff that I cut for this video, or use second-run source that didn't get into this one, so in some kind of weird way these two videos could be regarded as two parts of the same whole. It certainly didn't work that way while I was cutting it, though.

SH100 - Looking Back, Looking Suspicious

video: various (SH001 to SH099) + Dogtato-kun
music: Dropkick Murphys - "Amazing Grace"
link: depositfiles [26.5 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: May 2005

This video includes one cut, in sequence, from each video from SH001 to SH099. When you hit a ridiculous milestone like this, you can get away with a retrospective.....or at least, having done so, I'm not going to begrudge anyone else doing it.

Since this one, like SH099 through SH105, was done while I was in Germany, all the source here is the distro versions rather than the masters of those videos. Since there's not that much that remastering could really do about that, you can see what the SH catalog used to look like before the 2008 remasters that are getting posted here.