Thursday, May 13, 2010

SH009 - ...embrace my soul

video: Vampire Hunter D
music: Emperor - "Thus Spake The Nightspirit"
link: depositfiles [40.4 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: July 2001

Despite the limitations of working from leftover source -- I didn't go cut the source again, so this is made of stuff that didn't go into SH002 -- and the inability, given the editing environment, of blending stuff together on the long, slowed-temp coda, this still came out pretty decent. This was the first time that I'd gone back to the well on a title, and laid the groundwork for things to come.

As the run of this series will make clear, I very rarely do more than one video for a given anime source. Part of this is a pretty wide diversity in anime interests, so there's no obligation to do song X with source Y because I only have animes Y, Z, and Q to cut up, but a lot of it is approaching the hobby from a music-first perspective. The idea comes in to shape up the video with a series against a particular song, and then, that song executed, it never comes to mind to use that source again. This was an exception, and there are others out there, but overwhelmingly, it's the rule. There's also the conviction, going back to this video, not to use source in a later video that I've used in an earlier project, which tends to cut down on the pure possibility of going back, just due to the natural low availability of really AMV-suitable cuts in any given source. There are people out there who will make dozens of videos with a given show; I'm not sure how they stand it, or avoid getting into a rut via repetition, but I do know that it's not for me.

SH007 should have come next in the series, but that's on the slate to get either remade or remastered -- if it just comes out as a remaster, the original and DVD videos will go in here when the new one's done. If it turns into a remake, SH007 will get its own entry separate of SH116 or whatever number it ends up getting. SH008 obviously already came out.

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