Thursday, May 27, 2010

SH019 - Got The Tri

video: Trigun
music: Anthrax - "Got The Time"
link: depositfiles [30.1 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: September 2001

This is a video that along several axes, was a wakeup call. First, watching the final intro led to the unmistakable conclusion "wow, this is absolute shit, as long as I'm going to be writing actual titles, I should make them not garbage". (Pretentious garbage turned out to be fine, but this is the last immediate, unmitigated, garbage title in the SH catalog.) Second, watching intermediate builds of the video woke me up to the fact that the editing station I was working on was not powerful enough to handle 640x480 4000-kbps MPEG2 accurately for the way I was doing AMVs. This led to independently evolving a bait-and-switch style system sometime before the end of 2001, because I was definitely using it in SH028 and SH029, having intentionally dropped it for demo 2 as unnecessarily complicated. It also planted the seeds of unrest that, to this day, form a permanent tension in my approach to production: since I won't compromise on the live-synch part, I need to find some combination of hardware and production-trick procedures to let me do what I want despite working in high-bitrate MPEG2/Lagarith/HD (substitute chronologically as appropriate).

Benefits of being in college note: at the time of production, I didn't own Persistence of Time. However, the radio station that I DJed on did, and nobody else was playing metal over the air, so I borrowed the CD, ripped the track, and returned it when going in for my show the next week. These days, that would mean going to the record store or doing a lot of fucking around with FLAC converters, so future potential AMVs are definitely a concern in mind as I get rid of records that I don't feel I need to keep around physically.

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