Wednesday, May 5, 2010

INSO16: GIRUY ya (Tokyo) Huns

video: Giant Killing
audio: Celtic FC - Bye Bye Rangers
link: depositfiles [11.8 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: May 2010

1) I know the colors are wrong. But from the helpful pictures above, if not the video itself, it should be clear that the hardworking protagonists who do the Huddle are standing in for Celtic, and the insufferable cheating assholes who nevertheless get all the calls and have more stars on their shirt than Brazil, but to commemorate relatively pissant achievements, are, well, Huns.
2) I know it's only 7 wins in 7, and that that in itself means ignoring the Ross County disaster, but I can't exactly change the song, especially for something so off the cuff, and anyways, we beat the Hun yesterday, so time to finally celebrate what we have available to celebrate.

This video came about in the general course of watching Giant Killing, the best new show of spring 2010, and the amazing coincidence that Tokyo Victory, the opponents in the first friendly that Tatsumi's ETU plays, are cheating, diving, arrogant hun bastards who happen to have five stars on their shirt. There are other Timmy dogwhistles scattered throughout the show, at least so far, but this is pretty frickin obvious.

If you like and follow fitba, you need to be watching this show. And if you like this show, you should probably pay attention to the World Cup this summer, dig into the backgrounds of interesting players, and find a club in a non-Big 5 league to support. Giant Killing offers not only real actual football as played by real people rather than magical teenagers, but also a good look into what it means to support a team, and this is something that, if picked up, will go on a lot longer than the show's run, even if it turns into another Star of the Giants.

[UPDATE:] Also, in even better news, the very end of the video is wrong. We are still playing in Boston this year, but not against the Huns, which is a good thing.

[UPDATE 2:] Barely two years after initial release, and this video is completely dated because, of course, Rangers FC went into liquidation on 12 June 2012 and effectively ceased to exist.  The video got re-upped anyway, but I'm not making another one if/when the newhuns get back to a level to trouble anyone.

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