Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SH014 - herein

video: various
music: Dark Tranquillity - "ThereIn"
link: depositfiles [55.4 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: August 2001

If you were to try to sell anime to random students at a semi-rural SLAC known for its prep-school bubble atmosphere, this would probably be about the last video that you would pick. And yet, for some reason, probably "undue faith in audience to rise when challenged" or "naive reliance on shock tactics as an emotional hook", this one was the first purpose-built video in demo 1 (there were other, normal AMVs in the first demo, but this was the first "demo video" with an internal sell-script acting as a scaffolding for the videography). The video is not very well-composed even in comparison to the other videos in demo 1, which, as the preview image above shows, is pretty rife with technical limitations due to mixing screensizes without really thinking much about the process. This was something that would be corrected in demo 2, but that's several months down the road at this point, and I'm still working in MPEG1 here.

This is the first video on which I had a "production chain" of any kind; DIVX (no Xvid even yet, folks!) sources got crushed over to MPEG1 via TMPEG before clipping. This was as far as it went, and at this point, it was pretty braindead. The process would not get less braindead until midway through demo 2, and it did not get to anything approaching a more modern degree of smartness until about SH053.

When I entered this video into the .org catalog, I made a mistake and "misspelled" the band's name, using the conventional English spelling of "tranquility". This of course is wrong, since the Swedes in the actual band spelt it with two Ls back when they were putting out their first presumably hand-lettered demo tapes, but the catalog entries have never been merged into the right spelling because it's pretty much just me and Alex Warheart who care, or for that matter make DT videos.

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