Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SH002 - Angel in Black

video: Vampire Hunter D
audio: Sentenced - "White Wedding" (Billy Idol cover, duh)
link: depositfiles [30 MB]
editor: DazzleMovieStar
production date: June 2001

This was the first of what would turn into, eventually, eight Sentenced videos. There's at least one more left, maybe two, before Shin Hats folds the tents permanently. Sentenced, at least post Amok (and, as everyone knows, this song was on the Love & Death EP that's packed onto the most common re-release of said album), is just a super-eminently videographable band, but for too goddamned long, I was the only one using their music as a backing plane for the rearrangement of other people's video. Boo on other people.

Like the original version of SH001, the picture in this video is small and crappy because it was made from VHS sources capped into MPEG1 at about 1Mbps, and at the native 320x240 that you see in the output. Unlike that video, it was never remade from DVD, and this is not likely to change in the future. At the time of production, this resolution was standard, but now it's verging on postage-stamp. The project I'm working on currently is in HD, with a screensize exactly 12 times larger in area than this one.

The Every Shirt thing went at a pace of one shirt per day, but that was because I could only wear one at a time. This will go a little bit faster.

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