Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SH028 - and so it ends

video: Rurouni Kenshin OAV
music: Blind Guardian - "And The Story Ends"
link: zippyshare [68.3 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: January 2002

This sort of video is what keeps me editing; something that somehow catches lightning in a bottle and matches up to the standard of the music. I can't remember what the production queue looked like exactly in January of '02, but I do know that this came forward because of source issues; I had the Kenshin OAVs on hand, but not much else, and could get access to a copy of Imaginations..., even though my own was still up at school. (This and SH029 were cut up over winter break when the demo finished earlier than anticipated.)

This one also shows that you don't have to cut the everliving fuck out of a source in order to make a decent video out of it. In addition to the demo 2 charts in the last post, I also dug out the complete project file for this video, which WAS pictured below on a 6"x9" sheet of note paper before ImageShack died.

[pretend there's some 15-year-old scribbled timecodes here]

Seriously, that's it. Less than 80 cuts for just about 6 minutes of music. No effects beyond crossfades. You could get away with that in 2002, and if your source and concept are good enough, you can probably get away with that even today.

Charts like this, with explicit end marks for all cuts that went into the final video, exist for all non-demo vids through SH038. This dictates, basically, what videos I'm allowed to think about remaking and which I'm going to be too lazy to ever consider challenging.


  1. I need this video so much please I've been looking for it for years now I cannot forget it please bring it back

  2. It's almost 4am and i got reminded once again of this video, it won't leave my head, I need to see it at least once more. I'm like, 20 years old now and I remember watching it when I was 15 or something and yet I'm still not over it I can't believe. PLEASE !! BRING IT!! BACK!! please

    1. Sorry for the late reply (I'm not actively editing any more and saw it by accident), but the link's now been refreshed.