Thursday, May 27, 2010

SH020 - heroes

video: The Cockpit
music: Saxon - "Broken Heroes"
link: depositfiles [59.3 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: October 2001

This was the last video to be made at this resolution without some kind of rough-drafting process being in place. However, being a slower-paced dramatic video rather than an action piece, there's a little more leeway as regards to synch, so it matters less. Most of the lyric synch went in as desired, but the musical hits really drove in the point from SH019 that I had to do something about this.

This was the first SH video cut out of source that didn't have hardsubs in it, a consequence of me being a subbie who likes to have the "source" available at all times as well as the translation, making videos out of anime that I liked and owned for other reasons. I got the dub of this in order to make the video, because subbed source was not available; this runs kind of backward to the expectation for AMVers in this period, but it's also what you'd expect from a student obsessed with frugality. The upshot, I believe, was positive: you cannot but teach yourself to cut closely if you're cutting around subs, and if your source has subs on it, you automatically avoid lipflap.

World exclusive: this is the first time that the legended grayscaled version (mediafire, 46.7 MB, still in 320x240 DivX because it wasn't remastered) has been openly and publicly made available. This was done mostly as a print test for SH023, because I was considering doing some grayscale on that -- it turned, of course, into all-grayscale, the first meaningful effects work in SH history -- and I wanted to see what kind of changes would come out in the final video. The lesson was that you had to do the grayscaling on the front end; this one is different from the regular version due to the loss of color, enough so that it's worth noting and keeping around. This lesson stuck all through the MovieStar period, where there was no easy way of adding effects at edit time, let alone swapping/backing out effects.

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