Friday, May 7, 2010

incoming - way too much SH crap

In this entry I break the rule I laid down initially. The SH catalog is going to get crossposted here, with some minimal notes, over the next three or so months (maybe more like 4, we'll see), partly for lack of better things to do, and partly as an AMV complement to the Every Shirt thing I did last year over at OFtS. This will let me get some pictures in for old videos, modernize the catalog entries over at the .org, and also shift the legacy catalog to the new model where everything that is on local is also available on indirect.

SH034 is not going to get published as part of this, but SH090 might....just not linked. Like an internet treasure hunt, except the "treasure" is a garbage bag full of mutilated limbs and decaying organs. That aside, it's legitimately important to not exclusively put stuff inside the .org-wall. My remit initially and continuing has been to bring underground music to new audiences, and I'm not sure how making people create one-time-use accounts on directly assists in that.

There is still going to be no official youtube presence. Policy is still to let other people jack my stuff and deal with the commenters and occasional takedown notices.

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