Thursday, June 3, 2010

SH033 - Phantom on the Green

video: Boogiepop Phantom
music: Demons & Wizards - "Fiddler on the Green"
link: depositfiles [60.4 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: February 2002

In February 2002, war was beg--, no, strike that, PortCon Maine was in its first year and BAS was considering a trip down that ultimately did not come together. Related to that, I put together this video as an entry for the AMV contest, but did not end up submitting. They may have only been accepting entries on VHS at that point, and I was insufficiently aware, at least at that point, of the ins and outs of making VCDs and SVCDs to get around the capture card/output problem.

This is the last SH video not made from digisubs/other people's encodes until SH064. Because the video that eventually became SH070 was the one that was planned for SH035, after wrapping SH034 (not going to be posted) I attempted to install a trial of Adobe Premiere to see how that would work, since I was already feeling the limitations of the editing environment that I had available. The result was disastrous. I was able to recover the computer, but the capture card was proper fucked, and would stay that way for most of the rest of the year. This led to the Verbot on Adobe products and a period of grasping at straws, source-wise, that eventually forced me to learn more about digital video again. It also made SH070 a much better video, when I got back to it, than it would have been as SH035. So there was an upside, but try telling that to someone who thinks he's lost his production environment, and is going to have a giant hole blown in his project schedule, not to mention a wallet 300 dollars lighter from buying another card that ultimately didn't fix the problem.

This was also the first SH video, at least as far as I've been made aware of, to get jacked on YouTube. I'd post the link, but it got removed sometime between 2004? 2005? iirc and the present. Other people really need to do a better job of spreading around the videos I make to evangelize bands in order to prop up their internet egos.

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