Thursday, June 3, 2010

SH031 - Revolt

video: Fushigi Yuugi OVA
music: Gamma Ray - "Rebellion In Dreamland" (2000 re-recorded version)
link: depositfiles [96.4 MB] (it's nine fricking minutes long, gies a break)
editor: Dazzle MovieStar
production date: January 2002

This was and is the longest single AMV that I've done. If you count SH075 through SH078 as four parts to a single whole, then yes, that checks in at like 18 minutes, but that's not how I edited those videos. And yes, this was blasted out in the space of less than a week, because I'd already capped the footage in advance. Even that, though, as previously noted, speaks to the constraints of working with essentially a linear editor (if all you've got is a hammer, you're not going to waste time trying to plane the boards smooth with it), but much more to the realities of being a last-semester senior, doing only three classes, of which only one (the others being finishing writing a thesis for German and implementing an independent-study project for CS) actually involved going onto campus. I spent a lot of time in the library and in the lab, but outside of work four nights a week, band/orchestra on the other three, and a once-weekly midnight radio show, I had virtually no ironclad commitments to break up AMV work. If I wanted to do a six-hour stand in the middle of the day, to finish an edit, I could usually do that, and do whatever got preempted while the final video was building, or at night until some arbitrary hour after band/work, unless I had a turn-in milestone to meet. That's just not possible post-graduation in a situation where I have a commute, a regular 8-hour shift, and for most of that time, at least an occasional phone tether that may require attention.

This video has always been historically big. It was originally distributed in a 320x240 screensize that due to bad protocols and other crap, was barely less than 100 MB, no matter how I shook and banged on it. The remasters project let me get it up to the original master resolution but, again, at nearly 100 MB. If I had a better print and 24 fps footage rather than 30, it would be smaller, but I'm not going to waste time finding the DVDs to remaster this for that reason.

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