Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SH038 - way up high

video: On Your Mark
music: Skyclad - "Dreamer Deceiver" (cover)
link: depositfiles (remaster) [36.9 MB]
editor: Dazzle MovieStar (remastered Magix 2.0+ deLuxe)
production date: May 2002 (remastered October 2009)

The picture up above does not represent the full fidelity of this video as it currently exists. This is because the pictures for these entries through about like SH089 were all done back in 2003/2004 when I was first putting together a SH web presence at UofM, and as noted above, I rebuilt this video shot for shot from non-beat-up source in October 2009.

A DVD print of the On Your Mark video was included, quite unexpectedly, at the back of the version of Umi ga Kikoeru (ok, ok, I Can Hear The Sea) that I picked up at the grocery store when I was in Beijing back in May 2006; however, due to not being able to read Chinese, I missed it until I ripped that DVD for use in assembling SH111 in January 2009. That video got hopelessly delayed for various reasons, but after eight months of mostly-not work, I had the opportunity to do this remaster as a follow-up project, made possible because I'd been inactively looking for the song on CD (or suitable fascimile) over a lot of that time, and it eventually paid off. The jump from upscaled-Indeo-from-LD to DVD video source is almost equalled by the jump from watery-room-mic to proper-CD-rip in the audio....and when this initially came out on the .org last October, it was replacing a 320x240 Divx encode that looked like the picture above. Video salinity shock, pur.

This is the second of two SH videos rebuilt; SH005 got redone as SH097, while this one obviously didn't get a new number. I'm currently working on a rebuild of SH007, which looks like it'll more likely get the SH116 designation rather than slotting in over the old version.

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