Friday, December 3, 2010

SH110 - peloton

video: Nasu: Summer In Andalusia
music: Mad Fret - "Sunflower" (instrumental, edited)
link: depositfiles [40.3 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: November 2008

The huge gulf between SH109 and this is for several reasons. At the time I did SH109, the idea that was slotted into that catalog number the day before -- which got pushed to a notional SH110 -- was a challenging one involving a lot of animation and original footage that proved ultimately too difficult to get off the ground. Also, work was hard and intense in 2007, covering not only the Korea trip where I got the sources for this, but several other outings to various places in the United States; Maine twice including immediately before Korea, once to Dallas in March, and twice to Austin. 5/6 of 2007 was blocked up going here, there and everywhere....and then I got laid off in November and spent the last two months getting a new job and getting my feet under me.

I did do my Conet stuff in '07, but that was under heavy pressure from the admins, and as noted, early in the year. The rest of 2007, and most of 2008 as I adjusted to the new culture and new environment, were no-gos for video and substantially for most of my other hobbies. How things go; as it was, I'll take the tradeoff in order to have been out of work for only six weeks in this recession.

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