Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SH103 - still waters fall frozen

video: Lunar Legend Tsukihime
music: Iron Horse - "Unforgiven" (cover, duh)
link: depositfiles [58.2 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: September 2005

There were various things going on when this video was released that made the .org writeup of it sound pretty fucking bleak. I don't think it's that bleak, looking back, but the bleak elements are there definitely as much as the deliberately-inserted multi-level black-humor bits.

Between SH102 and this one I did the AMV Hell bits that were eventually collected into INSO08. However, that one didn't get published here when I was doing the INSO writeups, and it's not going to get published now. That the link on its .org entry is dead is probably for the best; I'm not going to go soliciting requests and will only upload that if someone takes the effort to contact me on their own hook.

While watching this show initially, and again when cutting for this video, I took various stabs at writing a fandub script for something working-titled "Potential Incest Legend Unspellable", in the tradition of Studio Sokodei's works. This is probably never going to turn into anything real or releasable; if anyone wants the ~55-65%-completed script, including a bunch of suggested music and incomprehensible injokes, give me a holler, I've got it lying around somewhere.

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