Sunday, September 20, 2009

INSO13 - condition 33

video: Pretty Cure
audio: The Conet Project
link: mediafire [20.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe, Virtual Dub
production date: February 2007

The original version of what I would end up contributing to the Conet project, this one still gets published, even though from that perspective it's more of a beta, because this is the pure and unvarnished version of what I wanted to do with the effect. If you've seen Conet, this is pretty much what's in there (appearing later here as INSO14), but a little more difficult to make out. There's only one colorized clip in this one, and it looks so bad that I radically redid it in the final version; this though, I was prepared to let out the door as it is, so here it goes.

This should also help those who want to reverse-engineer the effect in this; you can do this almost completely with Virtual Dub's built-in filters, but you'll also have to have Lags' difference filter, which should be in the toolbox of everyone who wants to destroy video. You can see a better example of just using this to remove animation paint and restore something like the original line in SH088.

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