Sunday, September 20, 2009

INSO11 - nonviolence

video: Elfen Lied
audio: Berserkr - "Southern Vision" (sample)
link: depositfiles [11.1 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: May 2006

Another Graveyard video (which did not get in, if I recall correctly), this one involves a lot of actual editor work....well, on the program's end, not mine. The subject was transition overuse, and this one is just a bunch of nonviolent selections from Elfen Lied episode 1 jammed together using every transition available in Magix, probably not in order like that Berserk vid SSGWNBTD did way back when. The point of the title is probably absent from a naive viewing of the video, not knowing that this is an anime where people's appendages randomly fall off and a right-wing death metal band (again, not linked).

This one was edited in China during the brief time I was posted there, in work downtime not associated with the option to go out and do stuff that requires being in China.

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