Monday, July 28, 2014

SH122 - Deathblow

video: Short Peace: A Farewell to Weapons
music: Dysentery - "Decimation of Fear"
link: zippyshare [45.4 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: July 2014

This video (and probably, others after it if they come as quickly as planned) was done to get back into the habit of making AMVs.  The cut was really non-painful, but could have been better; I was working from a shitty bootleg print and so ended up having to do two render passes to smooth out all kinds of stupid blocking all over the damn place.  Lesson learned, which I should have had from way back when I was doing 13-hour TMPEG renders, do all your cleaning in pre, don't waste time in post, but then again, most of three years of ring rust.

M.D. Geist is still in the source pile for the Master video that this is a tune-up for, but this video here pretty much discharges my desire to do a standalone M.D. Geist AMV completely.  This is all from the last chunk of Short Peace, which is basically Kazuhiro Otomo saying "man, what'd it be like if M.D. Geist was good, instead of a Mad Max ripoff written by retards?"  The other chunks are tentatively slated to go in other tune-up videos; those have less obvious forebearers, but will still get fucking filtered in pre.

This video also turned out to be a commentary on how weird shit is in the modern day.  Short Peace is incredible, and this short is the tentpole of the entire project, but literally ZERO videos had been entered with it at when I ginned up the video entry.  What the FUCK.  Get your shit together, shattered shards of the AMV scene.  Also, I happened to go straight from Rossomahaar's metal-archives page to Dysentery's when doing the links, and found that Will's no longer on vocals for them.  That's even weirder; Dysentery's not really a band that you'd think of as being able to go on without any original members, and it's been Will's gruesome pus-covered baby for the last ten+ years.  Weird, man.  He's still singing on this one, because it's also off Internal Devastation, but it's going to be strange and interesting to see them live the next time and see how they go forward on record.

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