Thursday, January 13, 2011

SH117 - Verlorene Herkunft: Sakana and SH118 - The Process of Calcification

This is two videos released in one brick for nostalgia reasons, and also because they're kind of short individually. The classic-Earache-cover cut from last time shows up in the credits.

video: Twilight Q2 and Angel's Egg
music: Dissection - "Feathers Fell" and "No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep"
link: depositfiles [20.6 MB]
editor: Magix 2.0+ deLuxe
production date: January 2011

From late October to the end of December 2010 I converted nearly all of my VHS collection to DVD. (There are still like six tapes that I need to macrovision-kill, but that's it.) There are other projects down the line that are going to use a lot of these homebrew DVDs as source, and I needed to make sure that they were going to work so I could set my expectations correctly.

So, I did a technical proof of concept (TPOC). This is the result, as the oh-so-clever backronym titles show. The original idea was just "Feathers Fell" and just Angel's Egg, but that was too obvious and "No Dreams..." gave some more space for editing. Twilight Q2 was a challenge to cut 40 unsubbed seconds out of and arrange into a video, so that got in on those merits as well. The music under the credits is obviously the start of "At The Fathomless Depths"; if I had Angel's Egg on DVD, I might have tried to cut a video for one of the real songs on Storm of the Light's Bane.

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