Thursday, November 5, 2009

buried by time and dust

INSO15 isn't done yet -- though it will appear in this space after a) getting Youtube'd; b) I PM the link to the band on myspace and get some reaction other than wtfdood this is garbage; and c) both the streaming and HQ links show up on RTTP. In the meantime, though, I happened to run across the following guide to digital video editing:

Digital Video: A Guide for the Fearless

The guides that I had access to when I started editing were about as primitive; I'll see if I've still got any of them around and may append them later. What's interesting is that not only has this guide survived for 13 years online, but large portions of it are still valid even in the age of BluRay, Blender, and After Effects. Some, though, like the stuff on Quicktime compression, are pure lulz for their datedness, and the section on doing your own embeds will probably have some saddos moaning about starry wisdom lost; way of the world.

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